We support

Domov Sue Ryder


In Domov Sue Ryder, we provide dignified and loving care to elderly frail people, who are dependent on the assistance of others due to an illness or old age. We offer temporary and long-term residence in our home for seniors, as well as activities of the day center, personal assistance and social counseling. In addition, we operate the Michelský dvur restaurant, charity shops of Domov Sue Ryder and a cultural center. These additional activities allow the Domov to open itself up to the public and also raise revenues which help fund the budget of our non-profit organization.



The Pediatric Oncology Charity Fund “Krtek”


The Pediatric Oncology Charity Fund  “Krtek” supports the work of doctors and health professionals of the Pediatric Oncology University Hospital Brno since 1999. Our main priority is to improve childrens stay in hospital, improve care during the entire duration of treatment and help in coping with its consequences. We provide equipment for the Paediatric Oncology department, contribute to research, medical education and medical staff. Create specialised projects focused on individual assistance for hospitalized children and ongoing continual aftercare assistance.