• We provide to our clients full support in the broad range of strategic and financial issues including comprehensive financial advisory services on mergers and acquisitions and raising capital. As in case of the asset management, we rely on our independence from larger banking and financial groups and on individual client approach. We build a long-term personal relationships with our clients based on trust and understanding of their intentions and goals.

  • Our team provides complex strategic business-oriented consultancy in all industry sectors for a wide range of clients, particularly to private individuals, small and medium-sized companies and management teams.

  • We take advantage of the unique expertise and years of international experience of our team members. We emphasize thorough financial analysis, and protection of client's confidential information. We focus on achieving the maximum added value of an adviser. Our experience is based on seventeen years of experience in closing transactions across a wide range of sectors. We have extensive network of contacts on the side of potential investors. Our internal legal department has extensive transaction experience. Our internal analytical team focuses on the analysis of the internal value, cash flows and the definition of potential risks.

  • Our goal is to address our client's key issues during the business cycle, from the start-up or acquisition of the company, through its expansion to its sale, and the subsequent asset management.




Our goal is to provide to the client optimal solution for the key issues from the business formation or acquisition, during expansion, up to the sale and following capital preservation and investment strategy for assets.